• 3 things to prepare before interview from three different sections.
  • Just a hypothetical Analysis for MAX 100 QUESTIONS.
  • But where from all these QUESTIONS will be raised
  • So, to simplify you divide your brain section into three different sections.
  • Each sections will be having sub sections like Section A: further into A1 n A2,
  • Similarly Sec: B into B1 n B2 and Sec: C into C1, C2 n C3.

In today’s Video you will come to know the importance all sections and specially section A1.

  1. PERSONAL: (SECTION A- 33% / 33 Questions May or may not be).
  • Family background, hobby, strength, qualification, reason of discontinuation, why this MBA / PGDM / B.Tech / Any other Degree or Post Degree? All other personal details mentioned in the CV.
  1. PROFESSIONAL: (SECTION B – 33% / 33 Questions May or may not be).
  • Related to Management studies, Engineering Studies or any other Professional or general studies. Summer project, subject knowledge, general knowledge related to care subject, acquired skills. If you are having a long work history then brief of achievements.
  1. ORGANIZATIONAL: (SECTION C – 33% / 33 Questions May or may not be).
  • Details of company, product, price, organization related case studies (lots of e.g.). Refresh yourself on your subjects of specialization, remember, an interviewer judges your ability to perform on future tasks on the basis of your past performance.
  • You should list your achievements, academic qualifications, prior experience and extra-curricular activities. Such achievements or claims may be authenticated by certificates or photographs.
  • The important documents may be photocopies and attached with the biodata while the originals of all certificates should be nearly catalogued in a folder and kept at hand for reference should the interviewer ask for them.

So, Total from Section A + B + C = 99% or 99 MAXIMUM Questions but 1% depends on you, How to answer, what’s your logic and what’s your personal deposition while executing the answer. Everything depends on you. So, rigorous practice, nothing else to overcome PI successfully.

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