Scientific Parameters for GD Evaluation

Before knowing the parameters for GD Evaluation. One has to thoroughly understand 6 different roles to be played during GD. But it’s quite impossible sometime to play all the roles. Max one can play minimum 2-3 roles. These roles exhibit your persona based on which evaluator finalized the candidates. Its universal rule in GD 10-20% selection rest rejections.

Six different roles to be played depending on the situation only

  1. Professor
  2. Salesman
  3. Butcher
  4. Spectator
  5. Gate Keeper
  6. Time Keeper

Important Parameters of Selection

  1. Personal Disposition: PS Includes Social Manners, Group dynamism, Mental Power, Overall impression.
  2. Knowledge: It includes Range of knowledge, depth of knowledge, Application of Knowledge, and Overall impression.
  3. Communication: Includes Language,   VTR- Voice Tone Rhythm, CAL-Clarity Analysis and Logic, Power to Convince, Overall impression.
  4. Leadership Traits: Initiative, OS-Organization Skill, DP- Deciding Power, Character, Overall impression.
  • So, you are advised to do the self-evaluation and analyze thereafter practice several times to feel confident before plunge into Group Discussion (GD).
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