• GROUP DISCUSSION (GD) ON FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).
  • Thumb Rule in any GD: 15%-20% SELECTION & 80%-85% REJECTION.
  • First you realize by seeing this GD on FDI (many more GD videos will be released shortly). After watching this FDI GD, immediately do analysis of your self-based on different personality traits
  • Then assess self-realization by in-depth SWOT analysis to know where you stand either in SELECTION bracket or REJECTION bracket and act accordingly.
  • If you are in REJECTION bracket then PLEASE follow complete 11 LESSONS of GD.
  • If you are in SELECTION bracket then start updating your CONTENT knowledge through SPELT techniques based on different topics of GD.
  • Keep on doing practice practice n practice on different GD topics.
  • Sooner the better if you want to be in SELECTION bracket
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