Dos and Don’ts of a GD:

ELEVEN Do’s of a GD.

  1. Listen to is not necessary to initiate a GD.
  2. Initiate the discussion if you are familiar with the topic.
  3. Intervene if the discussion is turning out to be hostile. It reflects your leadership.
  1. Speak to the point without repeating.
  2. Back up your points with facts and figures.
  3. Be gentle with your presentation.
  4. Be natural, calm and maintain your composure.
  5. Be participative and reciprocative.
  6. Say “thank you “before ending your presentation.
  7. Think before you speak.
  8. Say what you feel, without going in “favour” or “against” it.

THIRTEEN Don’ts of a GD:

  1. Do not be loud or aggressive.
  2. Don’t overboard with enthusiasm if you are familiar with the topic.
  3. Do not interrupt other speakers.
  4. Do not deprecate other speakers.
  5. Do not speak first if you are unfamiliar with the topic.
  6. Do not change your opinions.
  7. Do not stop abruptly.
  8. Do not get nervous if the previous speakers have presented their Points in a better way.
  9. Do not exhibit your emotions.
  10. Avoid making eye contact with evaluator and do not address them.
  11. Avoid speaking in turn as it leads to an unnatural discussion.
  12. Do not take vote on topic.
  13. Decisions have to be arrived at, by discussion and consensus.

FOUR Types of Topics

  1. Evergreen (Women’s are better Managers than Men, Can India ever beats China, Can India be ever Corruption Free?)
  1. Current Awareness- You need to Prepare (Narendra Modi’ performance,
  2. Case Based: Organization Ethics: Ethics, Marketing, HR. Prioritization or Lost at sea.
  3. Abstract Topics: Life is Lemon, I want my back Money, Pink slip or 1+1 =11
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