GD – Lesson#3

7 Prerequisites of GD

  1. Knowledge
  2. Listening
  3. Presentation
  4. Initiation
  5. Body language
  6. Communication skills.
  7. Co operation
  1. Knowledge
  • This is very important prerequisite.
  • The GD assesses the personality traits of an individual, including the intellectual and dynamic qualities.
  • Command over subject is very important.
  • A candidate who knows numerous topics will speak with authority.
  • You should read and well informed.
  • Go through model of GD to have a better edge.
  1. Listening
  • Listening inculcates more knowledge than speaking.
  • Skillful or active listening calls for active participation.
  • One can improve skills through “convenient listening”.eg.: Govt. criticized/political leaders. A skillful listener disregards personal castigation and register correct criticism, which help him/her in long run.
  1. Presentation
  • Being knowledgeable is most important, but presentation not good, there will be no positive impact of your knowledge.
  • A presentation should have a proper beginning and a logical conclusion.
  • A formal presentation would seem like a lecture rather than GD.
  • Finally a good presentation can also make up for the partial lack of knowledge.
  1. Initiation
  • Speakers who initiate the discussions are usually selected. (But due to their knowledge and command over the topic).
  • Only initiate the discussion if you are quite acquainted with the topic or else listen well then speak.
  • Once initiated it is important to define the subject before you state your opinion.
  • You can capitalize the initiation if you have sufficient knowledge about the topic chosen. 
  1. Body language
  • This play a vital role in selection as it transmits signals about your frame of mind.
  • Facial expressions and body gesture communicate more than spoken words.
  • Expressions, eye contact, sitting posture and the tone of voice indicate the amount of interest a person has and also the feelings.
  • A smile while airing your views –even if you are against the topic-helps in creating friendly ambience and including the other participants to agree with your views without hostility.
  • Speaking, the tone of your voice should match the intensity with which you are speaking to have a positive impact on listeners.
  • During the discussion presentation, keep moving your eyes over all the participants,
  • Thereby making the discussion seem more interactive
  1. Communication skills
  • Communications is a two-way process.
  • Communication skills mean effectively communicating your thoughts to listener.
  • Effective communication includes
  • Be meaningful while communicating.
  • To take the opportunity, as and when it arises, in conveying something of interest and value to the receiver.
  • In a GD, effective communication implies timely interactions as well as the manner of interaction.
  • So, communicative skills are related to participative skills (which includes persuasion and motivation).
  1. Co operation
  • A cooperative attitude helps a candidate avoid unhealthy conflict.
  • You have the right to disagree and state your reasons for this, but you should not be disagreeable.
  • Good support ensures a good relationship with others and eventually brings success.
  • Rapport building starts from the very step of paying compliments, exchanging pleasantries and sharing experiences with others.
  • If you respect the other’s view point and the energy and effort put into expressing his ideas, you are bound to win their confidence, regards and reciprocation.
  • Being helpful, accommodative and encouraging will make you popular in the group.
  • Remember, good manners can sometimes open doors that the best education cannot.
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