Section C:  Questions based on Industry / Company /job function. MAXIMUM 33 Q

C1: Industry related Questions (Max 11 Q)

C2: Company related Questions (Max 11 Q)

C3: Job related  Questions (Case based ) (Max 11 Q)

Most of the time we are not well versed to reply B2 section Q&A round.

  • Pertaining to Internship you are supposed to know the practical things related to your topic and your exposure with organization or different stake holders during the period of internship.
  • Believe me; nobody will go through your fatty project report during campus selection while asking questions from Internship or Job experience under section i.e.B2.
  • Usually 2-3 lines being written in context to SIP (Summer Internship Project).Mainly the Internship topic.
  • From 2-3 lines of top Internship description in your CV, minimum 15-20 questions can be generated by different interviewers.
  • So, be thorough about SIP (B2). Practice much before in hand. For better understanding connect with industry experienced people.
  • Self-generated Internship questions to be handled properly.

So, in general from all three sections i.e. Section A + B + C = 99% or 99 MAXIMUM Questions but 1% depends on you, How to answer, what’s your logic and what’s your personal deposition while executing the answer. Everything depends on you. So, rigorous practice, nothing else to overcome PI successfully.

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