Prof. (Dr.) Prabin Panigrahi

Soft skill is one of the key criteria of success for any individual in both personal and professional field. Unfortunately empowering someone with soft skill is an important issue in our Indian educational system. Inadequate soft skill creates blockades in career as well as in personalities both for students and employees in Odisha.

Empowering a person with soft skill at college/ university level is difficult and resource demanding whereas moulding a person with soft skill at school/early stage requires dedication, interest and innovative methods. In this context, efforts and contribution of Prof. Abid Ali Khan towards soft skill development in various schools, institutions and corporate is remarkable and praiseworthy. The noble idea and selflessness contribution of Prof Khan to society through “A Foundation” will definitely bring happiness in many individuals and in turn to their families. I congratulate both A. Foundation and Prof Khan for the commendable job.

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